With your drone, you can capture high-resolution images covering hundreds of hectares in a single flight, apply crop protection products to rugged terrain and mitigate environmental impacts, perform crop and yield analytics, and much more.


A key reason for the popularity of UAVs in the oil and gas industry is that drones can save on labor costs. In 5 days of inspection of one drilling rig, the drone can collect data that specialists receive in 8 weeks. Drones can be actively used in almost all stages of oil and gas production.


Local energy companies choose drones primarily because only a few devices can handle a lot of work faster than humans can do in the same amount of time. In addition, the associated costs will be cut in half and the risk factor is reduced to a minimum.


The introduction of drones into the mining process will increase the efficiency and productivity of your enterprise at times. Some specific tasks that people work on for several weeks can be solved by the drone in a couple of hours. In addition, some types of work in mines and quarries pose a serious threat to human life and health. With a drone in the state, the risk can be minimized.


Global development companies are increasingly resorting to the use of unmanned technologies. With their help, you can perform any amount of work in the shortest possible time, whether it is monitoring the development of a project, creating 3D models of the territory, filming promotional materials, inventory of assets or ordinary patrolling for security purposes or to control the workflow.


Cartography is one of the most promising industries for drone applications. Based on the data obtained from the drone, you can make orthomosaics, terrain elevation matrices, individual objects, etc. The use of UAVs in this area can significantly reduce material and resource costs for creating maps and terrain models.


Law enforcement agencies around the world use unmanned technologies to solve a variety of tasks from patrolling strategic objects, assisting in investigations, search and rescue operations to helping in emergency response, searching for operational information and directly participating in military operations. Drones save time and resources, and can perform work that is dangerous to humans and inaccessible to other equipment.


Unmanned solutions are usually equipped with various payloads. Here you can find a full range of suspended equipment and accessories without which drones cannot perform certain industry tasks.


Software products for industry professionals to help transform real-world scenario data into digital assets. Storage and processing of large amounts of data obtained from drones, analytics, creation of 3D terrain models and other software technologies are available in one place and effectively work for the benefit of your business.


Sometimes, in solving specific industry problems, it is not enough to analyze the terrain from the air; in this context, ground or underwater unmanned solutions are involved, performing their tasks no worse than their air counterparts.


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